Welcome to Workers for the Harvest Ministries!

The Workers for the Harvest Children’s Home and Mission Base, provides a safe haven, clothing, food, Biblical training and a chance to go to school, for children that have been abused or abandoned (Ps.68:5-6). 

The same facility also functions as a mission base for short and long term missionaries, a community church, and venue for pastor’s training as well as for prayer and praise meetings for Christian churches of many denominations.  Non-denominational church planting organizations like the CMC (Church Multiplication Coalition) also partner with us and meet at our location, bringing together church leaders from all over the island with a common goal of Preaching the Gospel and Living the Gospel in the Philippines!

Visit our Vision, Mission, & Focus, Who We Are, What We Do, and Projects pages to learn more about WFTH Minsitries and what the Lord has planned.

What's Next?

The Abra Project - 3 Years, 3 Churches, 3 Trained Indigenous Leaders in Unreached Areas of Abra

In November of 2009, the McCord Family (Craig, Mary-Anne and Patrick) will move to the Philippines to begin missionary work in the difficult remote areas of the Cordillera Mountains.  The plan is to empower an entire area to acquire the tools and training to carry on evangelism and discipleship on its own after we are gone.  Please stand with us as the body of Christ and help us pray for the following outcomes:

  1. Communicating the Gospel in a Relevant and Comprehensible way.
  2. Discipleship of New Believers in all three areas (Kili, Becklingayan, Alangtin).
  3. Mentoring Lowland Bible School Students to be Leaders of the church.
  4. Helping the people of Abra learn to Worship in their style and language.
  5. Facilitating Bible translation into Maeng language for the first time.
  6. Facilitating creation of Worship Music in Maeng language and style.

Please consider partnering with us in prayer and financial support of the “Abra Project,” Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting, Leadership Training, Bible Translation.

Love in Jesus,
Craig McCord, Mary-Anne & Patrick